Our Mission

We have a simple mission to bring affordable art to everyone. 

For the collector:  we offer some of the best contemporary and original fine art available anywhere, with hassle-free, fast ordering and delivery.

For the artist: we are a popular and busy platform for you to showcase and sell your art.

The artwork sold by Artfan comes directly from the artist’s studio and gives the artist’s a voice.

Our Vision

Art changes our perception and can be a vigorous energy to enhance our lives. Art has a phenomenal power to help us feel better: open our minds, inspire and beautify our space. The world is very visual and artists show it to us in many different and unusual ways.

Behind Artfan

The passion for the art world follows me from the university days and I had the exceptional opportunity to continue to build my interest by working on television in Moscow. There I met many talented artists and art curators.

The Russian and European School of Art have a deep influence in the world and the idea to introduce people to the contemporary version of them has been a mission for me since I moved to the UK and through this ARTFAN was born!

Artfan is a growing community of artist’s sharing a common vision and support for each other.